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22 inch Touch Screen: Info And Cash System For Shops


Published by JFCVision October 10,2019

Customer's Information

Country: France

Name: Steve


22 inch capacitive touch screen



Project Information


Application:  Info and cash system for shops

Quantity:  It's an order about 1K, shipment in 2 lots

Lifetime:  8 years

When started to communicate the details of the project?  2019.3.22

When the sample was deliveried?  2019.5.7


22 inch Capacitive Touch Screen



Customer's requirements


21.5inch TFT in Full HD, 400 cd/m2, LVDS

TFT is normally black

0-60℃ operating temperature

The interface of CTP is USB

CTP cover lens thickness is 2mm, and print is only Black

Assembling between TFT and CTP is air bonding


22 inch touch screen panel



JFCVision Suggestion


The operating temperature of the original LCD panel is 0-50℃


LCD panel: DV215FHM-NN0, 1920*1080. 500nit

Why this LCD panel DV215FHM-NN0 suggested?

For the cash system, normal LCD panel is enough for the project

DV215FHM-NN0, with competitive price for the finished product


There are some stock of  the cover lens with 3.0mm thickness in stock, if you can accept, the delivery date would be shorter


AD board: JFC2KHVD68676C, with HDMI, DVI, VGA


Packaging of 22 inch Touch Screen





Drawing of 22 inch capacitive touch screen



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