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Touch Screen Module for Digital Touch Screen Kiosk


Published by JFCVision May 28,2019

Digital touch screen kiosk are becoming more and more popular in a variety of retail solutions, and many digital touch screen kiosk have been used in front of retail streets around the city.


Digital touch screen kiosk not only provide customers with a better shopping experience, but also increase merchandise sales and save on merchant costs.

In September 2017, customers from Australia sent us an enquiry to purchase 120 pcs touch screen module for digital touch screen kiosks.


Of course, our Australian customers are very professional, know a lot of product knowledge about touch screen modules, customer's parameter requirements for touch modules,

and customization requirements are very clear and detailed, avoiding many unnecessary troubles, and soon determine the demand, and our factory is fully capable of providing technical support.

touch screen module for digital touch screen kiosk

touch screen module for kiosk

This is a very smooth cooperation and the communication efficiency is very high. After the customer receives a sample of the touch screen module, we prepared 120 touch modules for the customer in the shortest time.

Before leaving the factory, Our quality inspectors have undergone rigorous quality checks and are fully compliant with all Class A specifications, and we promise our customers that all touch modules we sell have a 12 

month warranty.

our quality inspectors carried out a rigorous quality inspection, fully in line with the full A grade specifications, and we promised our customers that all the touch modules we sell have a 12 month warranty.


In 2019, the customer continued to contact us for a second purchase of large-scale touch screen modules, same touch screen module model as before, and continued to be used in their digital touch screen kiosks.

Customer Feedback The quality of the touch screen modules we provide is very good, and we appreciate our intimate service, and we will continue to cooperate in the future.


Digital touch screen kiosks are also a symbol of the digital age, digital touch screen kiosks will become a trend, we will always provide our customers with the best touch screen modules.

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