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Outdoor High Brightness Screen Project


Published by JFCVision May 31,2019

When we are in the vicinity of large shopping malls, stations, airports, ATMs, many self-service kiosks are outdoors, and when the sun is very strong, the information on the self-service kiosks can still be clearly seen.

This is because the monitors used in these self-service kiosks are suitable for outdoor use. The brightness of the high brightness screen is higher than that of the touch screen in the ordinary room.

If you handle it on the surface of the high brightness touch screen glass, you can make the display look sharper and the picture quality more vivid.


High brightness screen for self service kiosk


One of our German customers is looking for a high brightness screen for outdoor use for outdoor high brightness self-service kiosk projects. JFCVision's product line, the highest brightness capacitive touch screen brightness of 5000nit.


Considering the customer's use environment is outdoor, and the parameter requirements form sent to us by the customer's mail, as well as much detailed communication, finally determine the 2000nit high brightness screen.

According to the customer's request, We contacted our factory to customize the shell of the self-service kiosks for customers, and purchased all the parts and accessories, we have installed a sample of outdoor self-service kiosks and sent self-service kiosks to the customer to verify the quality.


After customer receiving the samples we sent, the customer contacted us, indicating that the outdoor advertising machine received was very unexpected and perfect,


from the external wooden box packaging of the outdoor advertising machine to the internal The foam packaging all is perfect,


and the test results of the products are very satisfactory to the customers.


Outdoor advertising machine - JFCVison


Finally, the customer determined the self-service kiosks the bulk order, and we determined the long-term relationship.

This is a very successful high brightness screen project.


Welcome to contact us at [email protected], JFCVisio has always been committed to providing customers with the best high brightness screen solutions.

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