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Project of PCAP Touch Screen for Self-service KIOSKs


Published by JFCVision April 28,2019

JFCVISION is a high performance commercial grade and industrial grade PCAP touch screen supplier that provides professional touch solutions to customers worldwide.


 PCAP Touch Screen for Self-service KIOSKs


In March of this year(2019), JFCVISION, in cooperation with a cinema customer, completed the self-service kiosks project.

As we all know, many cinemas now use the self-service kiosks. Customers can directly touch the finger on the PCAP touch screen.

Customers can purchase tickets, collect tickets, and inquire about important information. Self-service kiosks are widely accepted in cinemas.

JFCVISION's PCAP touch screens support 10-point touch, ultra-high definition, comfortable and simple touch method can give viewers a great experience.


 10-point PCAP touch screen


In this project, the customer is used in the cinema, and hundreds of people will come to the cinema every day.

And the self-service kiosk needs to operate for a long time, so there is a higher requirement for the quality of the PCAP touch screen.

We provide the customer with a 23.8 inch projected PCAP touch screen dedicated to commercial display.


Touch screen parameters:

Model : JFC238CMYY.V1
Size : 23.8 inch
Resolution : 1920(RGB)×1080 [FHD]
Brightness : 250 cd/m2 (Typ.)
Touch work ability : 10 points
Interface : 30 pins   LVDS (2 ch, 8-bit)
View Angle : 89/89/89/89 (Typ.)(L/R/U/D)

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