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How to eliminate the power supply interference?


Published by JFCVision December 24,2019

Power supply interference is mainly concentrated in large size touch panel, this article will list four solutions:



large touch panel



1. Choose a quality power supply. This is very important and the most effective and fundamental way to solve power disturbances.

2.  Frequency hopping. Use the spectrum analyzer to find the area where the common mode interference strength of the adapter is small, and then set the TX scan frequency to this area through software setting, which can effectively control the interference. If there is interference in the full frequency band, it is recommended to abandon the adapter.


32 inch touch panel


3.  Improve the signal to noise ratio. In the initial design of touch panel, consider using the low-impedance surface-rent material for the RX signal channel and using the design of the double-sided trace. Try to control all the channel resistances within 10K, which can effectively control the power supply interference. 

4.  It is also possible to change the charger, increase the algorithm filtering, and adopt Cypress, EETI, ILI schemes with strong anti-interference performance.


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