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What Is The Difference Between OLED.TFT.LCD?


Published by JFCVision September 19,2019

OLEDs and LCDs are two completely different display devices. OLEDs are self-illuminating,


TFT is an active driving element and can also be understood as an active driving technique using a TFT element.

OLED driven by a TFT is generally referred to as an AMOLED.

LCDs driven by TFTs are generally referred to as TFT-LCDs and may also be referred to as AMLCDs.




The full name of AMOLED is Active Matrix/Organic Light Emitting Diode.

AMOLED is known as the next-generation display technology, including Samsung Electronics, Samsung SDI, LG, and Philips.

From the perspective of technological development, The basic technologies of flat panel display technologies such as α-Si (amorphous silicon), 

LTPS (low-temperature polysilicon), Oxide (oxide semiconductor) TFT-LCD, AMOLED, and flexible display are all semiconductor technologies and are collectively referred to as semiconductor display technologies in the industry.


Compared with traditional liquid crystal displays used in most mobile phones, AMOLEDs are being adopted by smartphones because of their wider viewing angle, higher refresh rate, and thinner size.




The TFT-LCD panel can be seen as a layer of liquid crystal sandwiched between two glass substrates, the upper glass substrate is a color filter, and the lower glass has a transistor mounted thereon.

When the current is generated by the transistor to change the electric field, causing the liquid crystal molecules to deflect, thereby changing the polarity of the light, and then using the polarizer to determine the brightness and darkness of the pixel.

In addition, the upper glass is bonded to the color filter to form a red, blue, and green color for each pixel, and the pixels that emit red, blue, and green colors constitute a video image on the panel.


TFT-LCD is widely used in the display industry and is currently the main force in the display industry.


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