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What Kind Of Convenience Does Digital Signage Bring To Our Lives?


Published by JFCVision September 16,2019


JFCVision offers commercial-grade LCD panels ranging in size from 10.1-98 inch, including digital signage, video wall and integrated touchscreen solutions

Enable customers to get a better shopping experience, convenient and fast

Enable retailers to increase in-store traffic, customer engagement and revenue opportunities


digital signage


Food Industry

Digital signage menu solutions reduce operating costs, including printing and labor costs

Increase total restaurant revenue by promoting content displayed on the digital menu board

Combine POS systems for fast and efficient statistics


digital signage


Hotel industry


Professional digital signage display solutions provide personalized information for the hospitality, travel and customer service industries

Create a unique integrated brand experience for our customers

Enhance company brand as a whole, increase sales and traffic flow




Digital signage at airports, train stations or bus stops improves passenger travel experience

Provide a variety of display functions, including self-service ticket collection, announcement and route search instructions, real-time trip information display, advertising information display, etc.

A compelling FHD LCD display helps attract viewers attention and promotes the sale of advertising

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