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Why Is OLED Better Than LCD?


Published by JFCVision September 18,2019

1. LCD contrast (blackness) is much worse than OLED. The best LCD contrast on a mobile phone is 1500:1, while OLEDs can easily be 100,000:1, The better OLED display can even reach 200,000:1.


2. Contrast is one of the most important parameters of image quality. The contrast is high and the image looks bright and beautiful. The contrast is low and the image appears dull and turbid. 

The reason is that the OLED screen is self-illuminating, and it can precisely control whether each pixel is illuminated. The LCD screen is illuminated by the backlight module, and the pixel cannot be completely illuminated, so the black of the LCD is not black enough.


OLED Display for Commercial Display


3. Response time: because the LCD is a backlight module, the color change needs to be realized by the transformation of RGB sub-pixels, and the OLED is organic material, which changes much faster. Therefore, the response time of LCD is inherently inferior to OLED. Therefore, many times I feel that OLED is better. At the same time, the short response time is beneficial to better performance in the game scene.


4. OLEDs are self-illuminating, and LCDs require a series of components such as backlight modules. Therefore, OLEDs can be thinner and lighter than LCDs. 


5. Due to the inherent structure of the backlight module, the LCD cannot support fingerprint recognition under the screen, and the OLED can support the fingerprint under the screen.


OLED Display for Commercial Display


6. Since the OLED is a flexible material, a curved display screen and a folding screen can be manufactured.


7. OLEDs do not require a series of components such as backlight modules, thus making the camera technology under the screen possible, while LCDs, on the other hand, cannot support off-screen imaging.


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