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New Product! A Flexible Screen That Can Be Folded 200,000 Times.


Published by JFCVision September 20,2019

BOE displayed the independent R&D of flexible screen: only 0.03-millimeter thickness and can be folded more than 2000,000 times



Collect micro network news (Article/ceiba) on Sep 17th, at China 


international industry Fair in Shanghai, BOE exhibited independent R&D 


flexible AMOLED full screen. According to reports, this full screen achieved a 


variety of forms such as bending, folding and curling, only 0.03 millimeter 


thickness and can be folded more than 2000,000 times.



flexible screen - BOE



Moreover, at the 20th “China international industry Fair awards” (Abbr “CIIF 


Awards”) held in Shanghai, Chengdu BOE Optoelectronics Technology Co., 


Ltd. Won the CIIF Award by exhibited "Flexible AMOLED Full Screen".




According to the conference, Chengdu BOE's flexible AMOLED full-screen 


adopt flexible substrates and realizes self-luminescence of display materials, 


only 0.03-millimeter thickness, make the display product have various forms 


such as bend, fold, curl, etc,have the feature of high resolution, fast response 


speed and low power consumption.



flexible AMOLED - BOE



In the future, these flexible screens are thinner than paper and can 


dance in any form with wind, can be applied to foldable mobile phones, tablets, 


and laptops, even the curable electronic picture scroll, and the car A-pillar 


transparent flexible screen has unlimited development space.


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