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55 inch Monitor JFC550DM.V0 for Advertising Machine


Published by JFCVision March 29,2019

Contact: David Ellsworth

Country: Australia

Date: September. 25, 2018


LCD Monitor Test

55 inch LCD monitors


Project Process:

At the beginning, the customer said that 55 inch panel LD550DUN-TKB2 was needed to advertise.

Later, the customer needed to add some accessories and shells.

After consulting the engineer, the monitor was designed and the drawings were sent to the customer for confirmation.

Then we carried out assembly production.


Confirmed following parameters with the customers:


Size: 55 inch

Resolution: 1920*1080

Brightness: 500nit

Viewing angle: 89/89/89/89

Interface: LVDS

Application: Advertising machine

Function: Single display advertising machine


Suggested 55 inch monitor(JFC550DM.V0) to the customers, they accepted.


On Sep. 25, 2018,  Send the structure diagram to the customer


55 inch LCD monitor designed drawings


On Sep. 26, 2018 Send PI to customer,The customer decides that we are responsible for transportation


55 inch Monitor Project communication process


On Sep. 27,Customer paid


55 inch LCD Monitor Project communication process


On Sep. 30 Shipment


On Oct .09, 2018, Customers need our assistance to do COO


55 inch FHD Monitor Project communication process


On Oct .18, 2018 Customer installation and commissioning completed


Cace about - 55 inch Monitor for Advertising Machine


Total quantity we have sent to the customer: 40 sets

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