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LG Commercial LCD panel Successfully Enters SUSSI Clothing Brand


Published by JFCVision September 23,2019

SUSSI patina established in 1997

It is a clothing brand with the combination of Chinese and Western styles.

Apparel is positioned in high-end art fashion women's clothing, elegant, delicate complex

Currently, SUSSI has stores in the high-end commercial districts of China's first- and second-tier cities.

In order to better spread it's brand culture and brand characteristics

SUSSI uses LG commercial LCD Panel in the new storefront

Installed in front of the customer's rest area, effectively promoted the product

Enhance the overall style of the store, making the store more dynamic



LG Commercial LCD Panel



4K Ultra HD resolution, Wider angle of view


The traditional 2K resolution has been unable to attract and impress customers, and the advertising promotion is also mediocre.

This 4K ultra-high-definition display of delicate image quality makes the costume promotion more lively, and it is easier to attract shopping mall customers to pay attention. 


The LG IPS LCD panel has better control over liquid crystal molecules, with a visual angle of 178 degrees.

Whether the customer is standing outside the store or in the store, viewing the image from any angle remains clear and helps to quickly and accurately understand the SUSI apparel.



LG Commercial LCD Panel



Vibrant colors and powerful performance make the content more vivid


The lighting conditions and reflections in the mall are more complicated, especially for the LCD panel.

And LG commercial LCD Panel can solve problems easily with its own hard power.

It has excellent image quality and advanced processing capabilities and can provide you with an excellent visual experience without using other equipment.

Even in a bright environment, there is no reflection, and the fashion and elegance of SUSSI are always present, attracting the attention of passers-by.


LG LCD Panel


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