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Why Choose JFCVISION's Electronic Whiteboard?


Published by JFCVision April 22,2019

The electronic whiteboard supplied by JFCVISON is mainly from LG and Samsung, BOE, AOU and other international brands. It has stable performance and full A-standard quality. The electronic whiteboard has a large size and excellent image quality with a 24-month warranty.



1. Wide range of sizes

We offer a comprehensive large lineup optimized for educational and business environments to replace traditional blackboard and projector screens (for education and business).


Wide range of sizes electronic whiteboard 


2. Ultra high definition

Compared with the projection type electronic whiteboard, the new electronic whiteboard has higher pixels, mainly 4K display and 8K display, which can provide more vivid, more detailed and more accurate video.


FULL HD and UHD electronic whiteboard



3. Touch performance

Taking into account the operating environment of the interactive whiteboard, our interactive whiteboard can quickly and smoothly write and touch on the electronic whiteboard, and the touch is sensitive, and there is no flicker when the screen is touched.


Touch performance of electronic whiteboard

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